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The case of the two Marvis and why Insafians need to polish their online image

Insights from a die hard PTI supporter about Imran Khan, why his online supporters rush into inappropriate responses to criticsm and how the two Marvis (Memon and Sirmed) have evoked (and, sometimes, provoked) different emotions from Insafians.

Though I believe strongly in free expression, I have found myself quite incapable of controlling my emotions in online debates. Often I have used vocabulary that my mother wouldn’t be very proud of, looking back at it even I wouldn’t be very proud of it. However, these responses are in my view at least governed by some legitimate reasons and I wanted to explore if others share the same opinion.

I needed to reflect on how I got to this level of emotional association with PTI and of course Imran Khan. Looking back, it wasn’t a very long time ago that I was growing up in Islamabad in a small, peaceful neighbourhood where we knew nothing of life except school and cricket. Those were the days when Imran khan was wreaking havoc on the cricket fields, making decisions which turned the tide our way. My generation was blessed with some glorious cricket and the pride and honour that came with the victories. Imran Khan was of course behind most of those grand cricketing moments and in my case, left a remarkable impact that would last a life time.

Read more…. The case of the two Marvis and why Insafians need to polish their online image.


About Ahmer Murad

Husband, father of two boys, financial manager in the pharmaceutical industry, Liverpool fan, Karachiite. Humanity, peace & justice.


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