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Trying to Understand Civil Disobedience

Some thoughts on what Civil Disobedience is and how it might work in the context of Imran Khan’s call in the Azadi March yesterday.


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Husband, father of two boys, financial manager in the pharmaceutical industry, Liverpool fan, Karachiite. Humanity, peace & justice.


2 thoughts on “Trying to Understand Civil Disobedience

  1. Good analysis, unfortunately most TV anchors are not aware of this concept because it is very complex and its implementation is very difficult as it involves deliberate thinking and most important is maintaining non-violence.
    A person like Dr. Shahid Masood got stuck with Pizza Hut bills, petrol pump GST and electric bills. There is a lot more than this. The Civil Disobedience in my opinion is not just restricted to Aam Aadmi but it also includes the civil servants, those civil servants who are working for the government organizations not just WAPDA or any such water and power authorities but those working in Govt Departments at provincial and federal levels.

    Some ppl are making fun of IK and PTI for the NA members resignation by saying this is unconstitutional and even immoral. Also they are saying why is he not doing that in KPK? I think that is a very smart move coz PTI is running the govt in KPK. As regards resignations from MNAs those who are skeptical are saying it will not make much difference to the PMLN govt coz PTI has only 35 seats. Yes, that is true but this will be a big thing, it hasn’t happened before that a Party with 35 seats, 3rd largest by seats and 2nd largest by votes have pulled out of the NA. Where will PMLN stand after that?

    Coming back to this Civil Disobedience stance not just Henry David Thoreau or Gandhi but ZABhutto, even Mian Nawaz Sharif have used it to his own benefit. People have selective memories and they chose what suits them. In my opinion its a good move as long as it remains non-violent.

    The chances of getting violent are always there coz it may not be from PTI or PAT but from unknown sources and anything can happen. IK has appealed to his supporters to remain calm and that’s all he can do. And, if the govt arrests IK tomorrow that will be the biggest mistake coz without a leader the crowd is always uncontrolled and not possible to manage. Allah Khair karay.

    Anyways good effort keep it up.I have been writing cricket blogs since the last 11 years, it used to be one of the best private blogs after cricinfo and PakPassion but coz of my other activities and wasting time on twitter, my friends, my blog administrators who were sharing responsibilities have also left the blog. It wasn’t just a cricket blog but a lot more than that, we used to discuss politics, religion, food, poetry and blah blah blah…..


    Posted by JAVED A. KHAN | August 19, 2014, 11:49 am
  2. this was excellent Ahmer. keep them coming.


    Posted by Muhammad Jabran | August 19, 2014, 6:52 pm

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