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Fire from the Sky – Drone Wars

From a Distance During the last two years or so, news of drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas and along our border with Afghanistan have become a regular occurrence. For me, and many others who I have spoken to, it was very difficult to form an opinion about whether these strikes were good for our country … Continue reading

When Mistakes are Deadly

A lot has been said in the media recently about the “unintentional” NATO air strike against a Pakistan army check-post on this side of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Spokesmen from NATO and the US continue to claim the attack was a mistake, and are asking Pakistan to wait for the results of the investigation into the … Continue reading

The value of a life

Can you imagine what would have happened if 24 American soldiers had been mistakenly killed in a raid by Pakistani helicopter gunships? Would the reaction been a “high priority investigation”? Would an apology and condolences have been sufficient? Is the value placed on a Pakistani life the same as the value of an American life? … Continue reading

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