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Duplicity and Lies

Another day, another bomb blast. Whether it is men of the security forces or innocent citizens going about their daily routines, for the second day in a row they are called upon to offer the ultimate sacrifice. From explosives in van at the parade ground inside the Bannu cantonment to a suicide bomber in a … Continue reading

Taking Sides

Until yesterday it seemed the stage was set for imminent US-Britain-France led military intervention in Syria. That President Obama has said no final decision has been made, the fact that Cameron is looking to get approval from parliament and the expectation that the UN Security Council’s position on this is going to far from unanimous … Continue reading

What’s Missing is the Outrage

About a week ago, late one night, I watched Hamid Mir present his regular show Capital Talk, not from the studio but from outside the parliament buildings in Islamabad, where a peaceful protest was taking place. Literally hundreds of people were camped out on Constitution Avenue for several weeks, demanding to know where their sons, … Continue reading

Imran Khan – Genuine Hope or Inane Rhetoric? (Part 2)

 This is in continuation of Part 1 of this post that I published just over a week ago, in response to (and with the gracious permission of) an article by a fellow tweeter, Usmann Rana, entitled Our Inane Leader (Thoughts on Imran Khan’s NDTV Interview). Having addressed Imran’s views on reconciliation and trying to bring extremist … Continue reading

Imran Khan – Genuine Hope or Inane Rhetoric? (Part 1)

In a recent “discussion” on Twitter, centering around Imran Khan and whether he is the “real thing”, a fellow tweeter, Usmann Rana, pointed me to a post on his blog, Our Inane Leader (Thoughts on Imran Khan’s NDTV Interview), in trying to convince me about contradictions in Imran’s statements. As endless 140 character back & … Continue reading

Memogate and the Balance of Power

Whatever else it does, Memogate does this: it points to one of the most fundamental issues that our country has faced in its 64 year history. This issue is at the root of so many challenges that our nation is facing that, perhaps, it should be the only topic of intellectual discourse with a view to … Continue reading

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