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Taking Sides

Until yesterday it seemed the stage was set for imminent US-Britain-France led military intervention in Syria. That President Obama has said no final decision has been made, the fact that Cameron is looking to get approval from parliament and the expectation that the UN Security Council’s position on this is going to far from unanimous … Continue reading

Hand in Glove – Drone Wars

US drone strikes, which were temporarily suspended following the Nato attack on the Salala check-post, have now resumed. This, in itself, is not as surprising as the lack of comment from the government and the army. The very same ISPR, that couldn’t stop issuing press releases and making television appearances following the November incident, and that proudly … Continue reading

Fire from the Sky – Drone Wars

From a Distance During the last two years or so, news of drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas and along our border with Afghanistan have become a regular occurrence. For me, and many others who I have spoken to, it was very difficult to form an opinion about whether these strikes were good for our country … Continue reading

When Mistakes are Deadly

A lot has been said in the media recently about the “unintentional” NATO air strike against a Pakistan army check-post on this side of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Spokesmen from NATO and the US continue to claim the attack was a mistake, and are asking Pakistan to wait for the results of the investigation into the … Continue reading

The value of a life

Can you imagine what would have happened if 24 American soldiers had been mistakenly killed in a raid by Pakistani helicopter gunships? Would the reaction been a “high priority investigation”? Would an apology and condolences have been sufficient? Is the value placed on a Pakistani life the same as the value of an American life? … Continue reading

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